Services Offered by Quality hearing aid centerHearing issues can be challenging for patients, but the hearing aid professionals at Quality Hearing Aid Center of Long Island are here to help with the appropriate care and hearing information. We provide a wide array of services to fit the needs of each individual.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Evaluations include measurements of hearing sensitivity for air and bone conducted sounds, measurements of word recognition ability, and assessment of the middle ear functions with otoscopic evaluations.

Hearing Aid Evaluations, Dispensing, and Services

We offer a variety of makes and models to suit many different hearing needs. All of our hearing device recommendations are sensitive to your concerns and financial constraints. Our staff understands limitations and helps all patients explore their expectations prior to recommending any particular device. We also provide scheduled follow-ups every three to six months, depending on specific patient needs.

Counseling and Rehabilitation

Staff members will take ample time to listen to the all of our patients’ needs and strive to find the best hearing aid for their listening environments and lifestyle demands. It’s imperative that patients understand that hearing rehabilitation takes time, communication, and patience to determine what is best for the individual and their family.


Hear in comfort with a custom fit earplug to optimize the sound of your hearing aid.

Swim Plugs

Keep the water out of your ear this summer with custom fit plugs, which create the perfect seal.

Musician Ear Plugs

Practice, perform, or work in a high-level sound environment? We individually fabricate ear protection for musicians and other individuals who are exposed to high-levels of sound for prolonged periods of time.

Hearing Aid Batteries

We dispense and recommend PowerOne batteries.

Hearing Aid Accessories

In certain cases, hearing aids are not the single answer to addressing all communication difficulties. There are many other devices available to help you in your most difficult listening environments. Today’s modern hearing aids use wireless technology to connect your hearing devices to your television, mobile phone, computer, tablet, or iPod. Remote microphones offered by some manufacturers can also help reduce the difficulty of hearing speech in noise.


We service and repair all makes and models of hearing aids.


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